Like you, Golden Eagle is developing policies and plans to navigate the current situation caused by COVID-19. We are doing our best to keep our people and you as safe as possible. Though we have been diligent in our efforts up to now, we are in a fluid situation with new information available daily.

As part of our preparations we are developing plans to continue business operations under extreme circumstances. We encourage you to do the same.

We recommend utilizing electronic funds transfer (EFT) to pay for orders. EFT platforms are now prevalent, have been in use for a substantial amount of time and the security risks are no greater than other forms of payment. There are benefits to using this streamlined method of payment for both the vendor and retailer, especially during the current situation.

Attached you will find information about Fintech. They are an industry leader in electronic payments and offer a variety of programs that range in functionality and cost. They offer a free version for retailers that is paid for by vendors.

Retailers who sign up for Fintech will receive prioritization should the situation call for service reductions. Fintech allows us to deliver in a more safe and efficient manner which will be critical as this situation escalates. EFT supports social distancing (keeping 6 feet apart) and reduces possible COVID-19 transmission to our office staff who process non-EFT payments.

Please know we will do our best to work with you in a safe and efficient manner as we both adapt to doing business in a changing environment.

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